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Last Reported Date Groomed

Trail Status


-- 3/27/2018



-- 3/26/2018 (east of 103)
3/27/2018 (west of 103)



-- 3/26/2018



-- 3/26/2018




Trail Map of Side Hill Croncher Territory

Mouse Over the Image to see the trails that we groom. (Approx. 38 miles)

Our Grooming Territory

Roads with Snowmobiling Permission

Each year we have to get permission from the Board of Selectman in Ludlow to ride on the roads. The following roads are approved for riding to get to the trail:

Bixby Road, Town Highway 6
Chapman Road, From Plymouth to Cavendish
Commonwealth Avenue, Town Highway 18, (The Views to Preedom Rd. North)
DeRoo Lane, Town Highway 20
Dix Hill Road, Town Highway 11
East Hill Road, Town Highway 29, (D. Ellison's #1493 to Smith Road)
East Lake Road, Town Highway 4
Ellisons Lake Road
Ellisons Loop
Godfrey Road
Mill Street
Nelson Road
North Hill Crossroad
North Hill Pent Road, Town Highway 10
Pettiner Hill Road
Pleasant Street Extension
Pleasant Street, Town Highway 26
Preedom Hill Road, Town Highway 19, (Okemo Pines to Commonwealth Avenue)
Red Bridge Road, Town Highway 8
Road and Gun Club Road, Town Highway 14, (Route 100 N. to Anderson Bridge)
Soapstone Road, Town Highway 25, (Perrino's #236 to Jeld-Wen)
South Hill Crossroad, Town Highway 30
South Hill Road
Town Farm Road
Town Trail on Dam V

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