We, "The Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers", could not achieve the goals outlined in our Mission Statement without substantial additional financial support. To help meet this need, and as specified in our by-laws, the Fund Raising Committee is appointed annually by our President. The committee is responsible for conducting and overseeing all fund raising activities of the Club. This includes providing guidance, assistance and support to any group or individuals that offers to help the Club by conducting a fund raising activity. We openly seek others to come forward in this regard.

Presently, the Club's major fund raising activity is an annual golf tournament held the Friday preceding Father's Day. In addition, we annually do two chicken barbecues and participate in two area poker runs. Other activities are conducted as needed and as time and resources allow.

Almost all of these funds are used to groom and maintain our trail system. None of these funds are paid to our groomer operators. They, as well as those who work at clearing the trails, erecting signs, building and maintaining our bridges and culverts, etc., are ALL VOLUNTEERS. Without them, and our landowners, there would be no trails to ride on.

As you can imagine, the actual cost to maintain our trails is very high. Grooming expenses alone include the actual cost of the grooming tractor, drag, compactor, fuel and maintenance for the equipment. In addition to that, we have the added cost of bridge and culvert maintenance, signage, and other expenses.

We welcome all assistance and ideas in our fund raising activities. Anyone wishing to assist us in this endeavor such as actually conducting a fund raising activity or assist with our present activities can do so by contacting one of the committee members listed below. Our club really needs support from its members and friends in raising funds, please help if you can by donating or assisting.

Also, if you are able and wish to donate any funds to the Club, you may do so by mailing them directly to Ludlow Side Hill Cronchers at P.O. Box 222, Ludlow, Vt. 05149. Grooming is "Job One" for our club and we absolutely need additional funds beyond our membership dues to get the job done right.

Fund Raising Committee

John Murphy, Jr. 802-228-5686
Melissa Waysville 802-228-7877
Jack Koponen 802-259-2251
Rick Yuris 802-228-5171

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